The Gedae Development Environment offers a full development suite that includes a new generation easy to learn language, a parallelizing compiler, and tools for analyzing data, implementation and execution. The development environment also has a built in generic model of a parallel hardware target for simulating parallel execution. The developer can also build an executable or DLL to run independent of the !dea development environment. Learn more about the Gedae Development Environment

The Gedae Software Development Platform Data Sheet [PDF]

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Gedae can be used for acceleration of selected functions or for development of complete applications.

  • Algorithm development
  • System specification
  • POC demonstrators
  • Field demonstrators
  • Production prototypes
  • Production systems


Gedae supports a wide variety of platforms including:

  • Single, multi-core and multiple single/multi-core processors
  • Intel, Texas Instrument DSP, Freescale Power PC, Analog Devices Sharc & TigerSharc
Form factors:
  • Servers, clusters, and embedded (VME) solutions
Operating Systems:
  • 32-bit and 64-bit systems running either Linux or Windows
Systems Providers:
  • Curtiss Wright, Kontron, GE Intelligent Systems, IBM , CSPI, Mercury Computers


Below is a list of available literature on the Gedae Idea Technology and Products

  • The Gedae Software Development Platform Data Sheet
  • KONTRON StarVX Data Sheet
  • Cut The Time It Takes To Develop Sensor Processing Systems in Half - A joint Kontron/Gedae webinar

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The modern battlefield is controlled as much by compute power as firepower. The weapons and vehicles of modern warfare require multiple computer systems and significant computing power in order to operate and react in real time. Audio, image, sonar, radar, and other signals are processed by algorithms that perform target recognition, tracking, encryption, speech recognition, and many more applications. Gedae can be used to harness the compute power necessary to implement these start-of-the-art defense applications while shortening time to market and combating obsolescence.

Medical Imaging

The use of computing is now an essential part of both medical research and diagnostic medicine, using software to enhance and classify images from MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, and radioactive sources. Image processing functions such as filtering, feature extraction, image segmentation, and visualization provide a powerful method for viewing affected areas of the body which were difficult or even impossible to view in previous years. Gedae enables medical imaging software to more effectively utilize high performance computers, allowing physicians and biologists to process and manipulate these images in real time, shortening the gap between test and diagnosis.

Other Markets

Gedae is applicable to a wide range of applications, from commercial audio processing toolboxes for personal computers to on-board software driving the micro-controllers of an automobile. Essentially any application that processes a continuous stream of data can be developed in Gedae to take advantage of its benefits in productivity, efficiency, and portability.