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Hello, we're Gedae

We've spent the last 30 years evolving a solution for the ubiquitous shift to parallel architectures. Nice to meet you.
The Inventors of Gedae

One day this lady met this fella. Who knew that it was much more than a hunch? That's how we became the ... OOP's, wrong story.

It was 35 years ago in 1984 that Kerry Barnes and William "Bill" Lundgren's worlds collided. They met at RCA's Advance Technology Laboratories, which became GE, then Martin Marietta and eventually settling on Lockheed Martin. Bill came by way of Corning Glass Works (a development physicist) and the Air Force (electrical engineering and speech processing). Kerry was at RCA's Advance Technology Labs (which became a GE and finally LM) from the start designing VSLI devices before moving on to the software side and working on parallel processing and algorithm development.

Gedae was started 25 years ago, in 1987, when Kerry and Bill were tasked with developing a solution for auto-coding the parallel programming of signal processing applications.

From 1988 to 1994 they percolated their theories and developed an initial solution, only to scrap it and start over in 1995. From 1996 to 1998 an initial version was developed and the product was released for commercial sale under Lockheed Martin.

In 2001, Bill, Kerry and the rest of the team divested from Lockheed Martin and formed Gedae, Inc. Since 2001 we've developed Gedae's technology from a niche signal processing solution into a generalized parallel programming platform.

And last by virtue of age and nothing else, Jim Steed joined the Gedae team in 1998 while we were still part of ATL. Jim's a founding member of Gedae, Inc. and frankly we couldn't have done it without him. Armed with Computer Science Degrees from North Corolina State University and Cornell University and more knowledge of music than any one you've ever met Jim's been a welcome and favorite addition of Kerry and Bill since the beginning. As the proud father of the Idea Text Language Jim's biggest contributions to Gedae are his work on the language though his ability to distill complex (and fundementally new) technology concepts into digestable and easy to absorb knowledge shouldn't be neglected. Currently Jim heads up our software development team as the Director of Software Development.


These are the values that guide our business, our product development and our brand.

  • Solve Real Problems

    We've never been interested in putting band aids on a problem. Rather we strive to unravel the problem, discover the fondational issue and solve that. While the culture of business today has shifted to the idea that you must create products and solutions that immediatly have some impact and can garner market share and revenue we've always been invested in true solutions, which in the case of compelex problems take a long time to evolve. True to our ethos we have created tremendous incremental value for our customers as we've evolved to our true goal of a foundational solution that truely solves the inherient problems of software development.

  • Give More Than You Take

    Jeremy (Bill's son) often talks about a lesson Bill has been teaching as long as he remembers. As Bill conveys it: "Imagine society is a giant pot filled with value soup. You should always strive to put more into the pot than you take out." In other words strive to contribute and don't be greedy. It's a core value that resonates across geographical and philisophical boundaries world wide. It's one we live as individuals and as a company. It's the reason that 90% of the customers we when we started as a business in 2001 and it's a commitment we continue to make to each new member of the Gedae family as we've grown.

  • Never Stop Improving

    Good is never good enough. It's important to continously challenge and stretch yourself. Without growth we would never be anymore than we at this moment. And, let's face it, no body is perfect. The longer you're around the more realize there's a lot of grey. We don't want to get caught up in any particular dogma and over look an opportunity we might have missed previously, or one that didn't apply but does now just because "we already know how its done."


The term "family business" typically evokes images of a small or mid-sized company with local focus. While plenty of mom and pop shops fit the bill the description doesn't reflect the significant role of family business in the world economy. And we're proud to continue in the tradition of firms like Walmart, Longaberger, Samsung, and Porsche. And in our case, it's not one family it's many.

Read more about the Gedae Family.

New Jersey Proud

While no longer known as a bastion of technological innovation New Jersey based inventors and companies have delivered some amazing inventions over the years. Here are a few of the highlights. For a more in depth look at NJ Inventors check out the NJ Inventors Hall of Fame.

#1 Electric Power Grid - Thomas Edison

Menlo Park, NJ Edison laid claim to a lot of great inventions but the electric power grid is probably the most impactful.

#4 The Zipper - Gideon Sunbeck

Hoboken, NJ Simple but essential in our every day lives who else but a New Jersey native could bring you today's zipper in all it's glory. Working for the Universal Fastener Company Sunbeck perfected the zipper design and created a machine enabling mass manufacturing. Interestingly the zipper did not become popular for fashion until the 40's.

#5 Condensed Soup - Campbell's Soup Company

Camden, NJ Where would we be without condensed soup? Seriously, where?

#6 Bubble Wrap - Alfred Fielding & Marc Chavannes

Elmwood, NJ In a misguided effort to create textured wallpaper Alfred and Marc sealed two shower curtains together. The wallpaper didn't work out but to the delight of bubble poppers world wide bubble wrap did. There's even a bubble wrap popping app!

#7 Idea Programming Language and Compiler - Bill Lundgren & Kerry Barnes

Moorestown, NJ A new comer to the list, Kerry and Bill spent 25 years developing the solution that's revolutionizing software development.

#10 Frozen Food - Birdseye

Elizabeth, NJ Frozen food is not exactly the right term. More accurately Birdseye invented the quick freezing process that allowed the creation of today's modern frozen food industry.

#18 Jack Nicholson - June Nicholson & Donald Furcillo

Neptune, NJ Technically June and Don didn't invent Jack - heck they didn't even raise Jack - but they put him on this earth and where would we be without NJ's favorite psycho son... Of note Nicholson was a 2010 NJ Hall of Fame Inductee.

#23 Bruce Springsteen - Doug & Adele Ann Springsteen

Long Branch, NJ I'm going to ignite a controversy here and say a bit more of the credit should go to Doug. After all it's never Adele Ann that remembers telling him to cut his hair, be a doctor and get a little something for himself.