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Utilizing Gedae to develop your products creates the opportunity to benefit from portable and reusable algorithms because of the separation of functionality and implementation.

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing Gedae is the opportunity to leverage your intellectual property. This opportunity is available because the functionality of the application is developed independent of the hardware specific implementation.

An example of the value of independent functional and implementation specifications is the ability to create variants based on either the hardware targeted or the application functionality. Gedae created applications have been leveraged in this manner several different ways.


One way our customers have utilized the portability offered by Gedae is the creation of an algorithm repository.

A customer example of a Gedae based Algorithm Repository

Our customer has created a library of commonly used algorithms for their organization that is centrally located and accessible. This algorithm repository is accessed by engineers company wide. The engineers are free to pick, choose and piece together needed algorithms or to choose a generic sample algorithm and customize it. Once they have completed the new algorithm they can compile and run on it on whatever hardware they choose to target. They're also free to save the code back into the repository for future use, either as a new application or function or as a fork off a previously existing element in the repository.


Another creative way to leverage Gedae’s flexibility is to create variants of a multi-capability application for sale to different customers with different requirements.

Application Variants
A customer example of taking advantage of application variants

As an example, a customer recently leveraged their Gedae developed application by creating a single multi-function application and then selling variants of their product to different customers. Each variant targeted a different hardware platform and provided a different subset of the master application’s features. The Gedae user spent funds developing the application once and was able to realize significant profits because of the ease of creating new deployed applications in Gedae. A third variant of this application is being created from the same code for a small low power form factor.


A third way to utilize the available portability is to co-develop software on COTS hardware while simultaneously developing customer hardware. Once the software and custom hardware were completed the software can be quickly moved from the COTS system to the custom hardware.

An example of utilizing Gedae for co-development of SW and HW

SELEX SAS co-developed their custom hardware and application at the same time. The application was developed and verified on COTS hardware and when the custom hardware was completed it was easily moved over to that platform. SELEX also plans to use the same code base for the next technology refresh by simply recompiling the application for the new hardware.

Co-Develop HW and SW

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