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The Staggering Effects of Automation

What can Gedae do for you?

Features vs. Benefits


The automation built into the compiler is the lynch pin of the other benefits.

What are the staggering effects of automation?
  • Enables the high level language
  • Shifts the burden of tedious implementation from the SW Developer to the compiler
  • Dramatic reduction in risk
  • Delivers productivity, portability and efficiency


Gedae customers have measured a 5x or greater productivity improvement.

What does productivity mean for you?
  • Dramatic reduction in time to market
  • Dramatic reduction in cost
  • Focus on developing differentiated software, not getting the minimum to work
  • Build bigger, better more complex systems with less resources


As the demand for compute power as grown efficiency has become a must from portable devices like phones to supercomputing centers.

How does optimal efficiency impact you?
  • Mission critical real-time performance
  • Less hardware does the same job
  • A reduction in CAPEX and OPEX


Enabled by the automation in the compiler, the separation of the functional algorithm from the implemented code, and the hardware model.

What can you do with a truly platform independent code base?
  • Extends product life-cycle
  • Technology refreshes are a snap
  • Increased leverage over your algorithmic IP
  • Develop your software ahead of available hardware

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